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Relevance Ink offers customization for apparel (embroidery, sublimation, DTG, HTV) and various promotional products that can be customized as well. Relevance Ink takes the time to converse with clients to ensure that the appropriate garment or product fits the needs of the client. These garments and products fit a diverse group of customers including sports teams, schools, youth groups, restaurants, fire and rescue departments, marinas and yacht clubs, pharmaceutical, healthcare, assisted living, golf outings, dance studios, startups, just-for-fun individual custom pieces, and every other type of business or group. 


There are no minimums for custom apparel and products here at Relevance Ink, which is beneficial to the customer so he or she is not forced to purchase an insane amount of unnecessary product. 


Aside from apparel and promotional products, Relevance Ink also offers graphic design services along with print services for flyers, banners, stickers, and more. 


Visit Relevance Ink today, a one-stop shop for all personal and business needs!



Embroidery is a raised 3D form of design incorporating threads woven into the material. Polo tops are a popular shirt to embroider to clearly brand your company. Other items to consider for custom embroidery are jackets, hoodies, hats, beanies, and tote bags. As an alternative to embroidering the actual product, Relevance Ink offers heat transfer embroidered patches that are perfect for hats and jackets. 



Sublimation printing is a digital printing technique that uses heat to transfer dye onto materials such as plastic, ceramic, paper, or fabric. When printed on fabric, the ideal material is 50%-100% polyester. The artwork is printed on a special paper and then pressed onto the product with heat applied. The sublimation name was applied because the dye was considered to make the transition between the solid and gas states without going through a liquid stage. Sublimation printing is ideal for light-colored materials. 



Direct-to-garment is digital printing, involving the artwork to be processed by a computer and then printed directly onto the surface of the product. The ink directly adheres to the fabric of the item utilizing a curing process. DTG is best used for items that require high amounts of detail (such as a full-color photograph) and/or small quantities. Since the digital printer does not use screens, this allows for a photographic quality print with more detail than traditional screen printing and best of all, no MOQ. DTG printing is ideal on 80%-100% cotton light-colored materials, though it can still be used on dark colored items utilizing a pre-treat process.



Heat transfer vinyl is available as a single color but can also be printed in full-color using a solvent printer and ink. HTV is best used for simple designs with minimal colors since each individual color or pattern used in the design must be cut, weeded, and heat pressed. Certain HTV can be layered to form multi-colored designs. Heat transfer vinyls can be used for jerseys and can also be used to create special effects with options such as glitter, foil, and holographic.

Heat Transfer Vinyl